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Widex Clear hearing aids.

Natural sound wirelessly

   Want to hear natural sound? Our new wireless hearing aid family CLEAR lets you hear as close to natural sound as possible.

   CLEAR hearing aids can communicate wirelessly with each other - just like two ears do. This means that all the functions in your hearing aids are adjusted instantly depending on your listening environment. So even when you’re going from soft sounds to louder sounds, you can hear clearly.

   CLEAR also meets the challenge of hearing from different directions. It is the only Widex hearing aid that lets you focus on sound in selected directions without turning your head - perfect if you’re driving, for example.

   And combined with a unique range of wireless accessories, some of the more difficult listening situations, such as watching television, listening to music or using your mobile phone, are made easier.


   The CLEAR™ family of hearing aids give you as natural sound as possible. No matter where you are, in peace and quiet or in noisy environments, CLEAR makes listening as smooth and comfortable as possible. 

*They instantly adjust to your listening environment 

*You can hear clearly at all times, even when you’re going from soft sounds to louder sounds 

*They communicate wirelessly with each other using advanced wireless technology – so you never miss a thing 

*You can hear sounds from any direction


   The high-end CLEAR440 series comes with an incredible wide range of features designed to give users a natural sound experience.

   Nature has given us two ears designed to work together.  

   And like two ears, the new WIDEX CLEAR™440 hearing aids communicate with each other. Instantly and constantly. 

   The CLEAR440 models do this completely wirelessly. All functions in each hearing aid can be adjusted seamlessly. So you can experience clear sound as close to natural as possible.  


   Being wireless, CLEAR440 makes it easy for you - via a uniquely designed range of accessories – to handle some of the more difficult listening situations such as watching television, listening to music or using your phone. 

   CLEAR440 can also be configured exactly the way you would like, and your hearing care professional can help you choose the model that best suits your needs. So you can always hear as naturally as possible in different situations. Just as nature intended.

   Having access to an array of advanced features in your hearing aid is one thing; to get the most out of them though, CLEAR440 uses new wireless technology, WidexLink. This guarantees that your hearing aids can communicate with each other instantly. Just like two ears do.

   Stay in touch 

   Every time CLEAR440 hearing aids adjust to your listening environment, or every time you switch to a different program or different feature, they react without delay and stay in contact.

   And if you lose your hearing aid or if the battery is exhausted, the Partner Monitor in CLEAR440 alerts you immediately.

   Even at the best of times, listening clearly can be achallenge when using your hearing aid. In particular, when going from one sound environment (such as soft sounds) to another (such as loud sounds). 

   CLEAR440 solves this challenge by making the change between listening environments – from soft sounds, to normal speech, to loud sounds – as smooth and comfortable as possible. This means sounds are more detailed, natural and clear. 

   Clear sound 

   Determining what is noise and what is speech has always been one of the biggest challenges facing hearing aid users. The IE Speech Enhancer in CLEAR440 lets you better understand speech in noisy situations and gives speech the clarity it deserves.

   The visible part of the ear, the pinna, helps collect sound – a bit like a funnel. This means that the pinna helps you in determining which direction the sound is coming from. This can be difficult for hearing aid users. CLEAR440 features a unique Digital Pinna that help syou locate sounds from any direction.

   A range of unique features give you the possibility of matching your hearing aids to your particular needs. 

  • FreeFocus is our answer to the challenge of hearing from different directions. With this feature you can focus on sound in selected directions – front, back, left and right – without having to turn your head.

  • With the dedicated PHONE+ feature you can hear both landline and mobile calls in real time directly in both hearing aids. An extremely power-efficient battery means you can go up to seven days without changing the battery.

   Clear world of sounds Watching television can some times be a challenge for hearing aid users, with unnecessary delay or echo. With our TV-DEX, high quality sound is transmitted with no delay straight to your CLEAR440. Best of all, our wireless technology ensures that there is no echo so you can enjoy uninterrupted sound for up to ten hours between recharging the battery. And you can listen with the hearing aid microphones switched off so surrounding sounds do not interfere with your listening experience. 

   Zen, the revolutionary tone and relaxation program, plays random and harmonic tones in stereo to help you relax or manage tinnitus. And with the FreeFocus feature, you can focus on sound in selected directions - front, back, left and right - without having to turn your head. There are CLEAR440 models and styles to suit all types of hearing loss.  


            CLEAR440 consumer brochure

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