At the age of 15 years we have heard not so, as in infancy, some sounds in the high range is beyond perception. In later life hearing may deteriorate for various reasons. Hearing aids are designed to help us cope with the changing reality. They can improve the hearing to a large extent. How to cope with hearing loss? Do hearing aids are so small that remain invisible to others? And, most importantly, to identify problems hearing at an early age gives children an opportunity to significantly improve hearing.


Echo Clynic was established to provide medical services at the highest level, on the latest technologies in hearing aids. 

For the people that make it difficult to come to our clinic, we offer all services on-site - working or living

In addition, there is our office in Beer Sheva. We work with a health insurers, rehabilitation department of the Ministry of Defence. 

Clynic Echo sells hearing aids from 1999. We supply the world's largest manufacturers of devices such as BELTON - Belton (Denmark), WIDEX - Widex (Denmark), PHONAK - Phonak (Switzerland), Oticon (Denmark).  Clynic Echo is the exclusive representative Widex and Belton company for Beer-Sheva.

   We supply hearing aids of the latest models and the most advanced technologies!


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