Oticon Alta2

   For the sounds of your life 

  Technology fitted to your listening preferences and styles to suit your needs. With Oticon Alta2 everything is shaped for you in order to give you the best hearing experience. 

   The way in which you perceive sounds is entirely unique. Because you hear with your brain, not with your ears. Oticon Alta2 is designed to match your individual sound perception and create a unique, satisfying and natural hearing experience.

  Soft Speech Booster 

  Soft Speech Booster is a feature of VAC+ that provides increased level of soft gain at high frequencies. The feature enhances the details of soft speech signals and is adapted to client’s individual needs and preferences for soft sounds and soft speech. The Soft Sound Perception trimmer in Genie adjusts how the soft gain provided by Soft Speech Booster is delivered to each client.

  YouMatic Premium 

  YouMatic is a personal automatic system programmed to the client’s individual needs and sound preferences.

  YouMatic controls the sound processing across multiple environments by adjusting the instrument response times, directionality, noise management, and transient management. 

  Speech Guard E

   Speech Guard is a signal processing system that preserves speech dynamics and speech patterns, as these are important and essential information for the auditory system. Speech Guard E is optimized to better line up with the dynamic range of speech in order to preserve more of the speech cues. 

   Speech Guard E maintains audibility, prevents discomfort and safeguards speech envelopes by combining the advantages of both fast and slow-acting compression.

   Inium Sense feedback shield 

   Inium Sense feedback shield significantly reduces feedback without compromising sound quality or comfort.

❍ Speech Guard E 

❍ Binaural Noise Management 

❍ Spatial Sound Premium 

❍ Binaural Processing 

❍ Binaural Synchronization 

❍ Binaural PB Coordination 

❍ YouMatic Premium 

❍ Soft Speech Booster 

❍ Voice Aligned Compression (VAC+) 

❍ Fitting Bandwidth 10 kHz 

❍ Inium Sense feedback shield 

❍ Free Focus Premium 

❍ Life Learning 

❍ Activity Analyzer

 ❍ T-coil 

❍ AutoPhone Program 

❍ Power Bass (streaming) 

❍ Music Widening (streaming) 

❍ TriState Noise Management 

❍ Transient Management 

❍ Multi-band Adaptive Directionality 

❍ NAL-NL1, NAL-NL2 andDSL v5.0a m[i/o] 

❍ Flexible miniFit receiver system 

❍ ConnectLine and Remote Control 

❍ DAI input and FM option 

❍ In-situ audiometry (Genie) 

❍ IP58 water resistant certified


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