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When hearing deteriorates, people lose so much more than sound. They lose a part of themselves, their sense of who they are. In short, losing your hearing can feel like losing your identity. This is why we created Beltone Identity: to help more people regain their hearing and feel like themselves again.


   There’s a reason they call it a hearing LOSS

   ‘I was so confused, and uncertain, about my own situation. …It’s so many things … It’s like hearing is just so fundamental to everything you do, and that’s why it (hearing loss) is so hard to accept.’ Hearing impaired person quoted by Kochkin and Rogin in The Hearing Review, January 2000. 

   Beltone Identity is created with the benefits of the user in mind. It is uniquely feature-rich and is designed to help you feel confident again and reclaim your life.

   Listen. Talk. Communicate 

   Not being able to hear and properly understand speech makes it hard to interact with other people. You may find yourself hesitating to join in conversations or just keeping to yourself more. Beltone Identity focuses on letting words come through clearly and understandably and will always keep the loudness just right.

   Relax and forget about it

   Advanced automatic features and longer-than-ever battery life help you to relax and focus on being yourself. Beltone Identity will learn your preferred loudness settings and will remember them so you don’t have to adjust the volume all the time. Having a battery life that lasts longer than most gives you longer wearing time and greater peace of mind.

   Feel good again

   When you hear better, you feel better. Beltone Identity minimizes unwanted noise that can otherwise make you feel tired and worn out by the end of the day. Wind noise is reduced so you can enjoy being outside, embarrassing whistling tones are shut out and distracting background noise is eliminated so you can focus on speech.

   Use it. You’ll like it

   With Beltone Identity, it’s so easy: it looks better, feels better and works better. It’s a comprehensive family of hearing aids that are all astonishingly small and exceptionally attractive. And comfortable too. Choose from a wide variety of colours and fitting options and enjoy feeling good about wearing your hearing aids.

   Your hearing aid should not only fit your hearing loss but also your preferences and lifestyle. That’s why Beltone Identity offers a wide range of fitting options to suit your specific needs. And to let you relax and be confident about participating in the world around you.    

   Open fitting 

   If you have a mild to moderate hearing loss you can choose a Beltone Identity model with an open fitting. Open fittings are cosmetically attractive and comfortable to wear. They provide a natural sound quality which will not give you a "plugged up” sensation in your ears.

   Standard power 

   The flexibility of the Beltone Identity hearing aids allows you to have a standard power solution and simultaneously enjoy a small, high performing hearing aid.

   High power If you have a more severe hearing loss, Beltone Identity offers high power versions. The new design of the Power BTE makes it very small and cosmetically attractive. You can also choose a custom-molded Beltone Identity In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid.

    Program selector 

   Most Beltone Identity models come with a push button for you to enjoy up to 4 environmental programs tailored to your hearing needs. You can then manually switch between programs.

   Volume control 

   A volume control enables you to adjust the volume level manually whenever you feel that is needed. Most Beltone Identity models are available with volume controls.

   Direct Audio Input 

   With some of the Beltone Identity models you can have a Direct Audio Input (DAI) facility. DAI allows direct connection of sound sources such as radio and television to your Beltone Identity hearing aid.


   You can choose to have a telecoil option with your Beltone Identity hearing aid. The telecoil solution transmits the sound directly to the hearing aid and is useful in theaters, churches and airports. Most Beltone Identity models are significantly smaller than comparable hearing aids and we offer a full lineup. On top of that, the models are available in a wide choice of colours. So you won’t just like the way your Beltone Identity feels – you’ll like the way it looks on you too.

   It’s so small

   Hearing aids should be comfortable to wear and hard to spot. We have minimized the sizes of our models to ensure your comfort and feeling of looking good while wearing your hearing aids. We are also offering all the different types of hearing aid models – Behind-the-ear (BTE), Receiver-in-ear (RIE) and a range of custom-made In-the-ear (ITE) – in this product family, so it’s you who decides what suits you best. That way you’ll feel more like yourself17.

   Different colours to choose from set - We know that a wide colour selection is important when choosing your new hearing aid. Therefore, Beltone Identity offers no less than 17 different colours to choose from set. 

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