Beltone Legend hearing aids

   Your perfect match Personalized hearing

   Taking personalized hearing to the next level.

   Every person is unique, and so is their hearing. So a hearing aid doesn’t just need to match your hearing loss, it needs to match your lifestyle and individual tastes. You know what fits - ergonomically and an esthetically. You pay attention to certain sounds, and ignore others. 

   Beltone Legend hearing aids adapt to your unique situation and individual needs better than any other hearing aid on the market. Superb sound quality and speech understanding are the main focus, thanks to Personal Sound ID™ and Crosslink Directionality, but other features like Smart Gain Pro and Feedback Eraser add adaptability, and intelligence. Made for iPhone® integration lets you stream sounds wirelessly to your hearing aids from your iPhone, iPad® or iPod touch®, while the HearPlus app allows you to control your hearing aids directly from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and the most popular Android™ phone model. There is no need to compromise when you choose Beltone Legend. 

   Beltone Legend really is your perfect match.


   Choose your own sound 

   We’re always listening – for voices, ringtones, signals warning of danger. We’re selective. Our brains compare sounds and build a three-dimensional sound picture. With most other hearing aids all the subtlety disappears, meaning that you lose your ability to distinguish the specific sound environment. 

   Restores more natural hearing 

   Beltone Legend helps restore natural hearing with groundbreaking features: Personal Sound ID™ and CrossLinkDirectionality with Personal Sound ID. Personal Sound ID mimics the natural sound level differences between your ears, helping you identify where sounds are coming from. 

   CrossLink Directionality enhances sound quality, monitoring the sound environment and automatically switching to the most natural speech focus settings. CrossLink Directionality with Personal Sound ID delivers sound the way nature intended. It lets you instinctively choose what sounds you want to focus on, while other hearing aids try to artificially make those choices for you. 

   With these advanced features, focusing on a friend’s words becomes easy again, or switching focus to an alarm or cry for help.

   Adapts to every lifestyle 

   The advanced features in Beltone Legend hearing aids adapt to all kinds of environments, situations and needs– from a quiet chat in the corner to a windy boat ride. 

   Smart Gain Pro™ adjusts volume, adapting automatically to changes in the environment. With low background noise, little volume is needed. With a lot of ambient noise, volume should be higher. 

   Sound Cleaner Pro™ works with Smart Gain Pro to minimize background noise so you can move into noisy environments and still hear the whole conversation. 

   Feedback Eraser™ with WhistleStop™ senses feedback, cancelling it out with no quality loss. It eliminate sun wanted noises and whistling when you use the phone, or hug your relatives. 

   Ear to Ear Synchronization automatically applies program and volume changes from one hearing aid tothe other, so you never have to change settings on both instruments. 

   Sound Shifter™ makes it possible to hear higher-pitched sounds, so you don’t miss out on the full spectrum.

   Something for everyone 

   Beltone Legend stands out as the most flexible hearing aid on the market. They are small and virtually invisible and built for every day life, from indoors to extreme sports and tough weather. Thanks to numerous details, Beltone Legend is at home anywhere. 

   HPF80 NanoBlock coating blocks moisture and dirt. 

   The Wind Noise Reduction feature makes being outdoors in windy weather easy for you, filtering out any uncomfortable noise. 

   Beltone Legend hearing aids are available in a variety of discreet models and colors to suit any taste.

   Control through popular mobile devices 

   Personal control and direct streaming

   Thanks to Beltone Legend’s Made for iPhone integration, you can stream sound directly from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your hearing aids without having to wear any sort of adapter around your neck. Stream voices from phone calls, use FaceTime®, listen to music and much more. 

   Free HearPlus™ app 

   Download the HearPlus™ app and start controlling your hearing aids in a simple and intuitive way directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch – or the most popular Android phones. Adjust volume or program settings. Use the My Places function for quick custom adjustment to favorite locations or use the ‘Finder’ function to locate misplaced hearing aids. You can even adjust background noise levels, speech focus or the amount of wind noise reduction directly with the app.

            Beltone Legend 

Feature overview Legend 17 Legend 9 Legend 6
Sound Processing Channels 17 Channels 14 Channels 12 Channels
CrossLink Directionality with Personal ID + - -
Personal Sound ID + - -
CrossLink Directionality - + -
Adaptive Directionality 15 Point – Smart Beam 9 Point – Smart Beam 6 Point – Smart Beam
Band Split Directionality Adjustable Mixing- point Frequency Adjustable Mixing- point Frequency Fixed Mixing- point Frequency
Beam Width Smart Beam Steering Smart Beam Steering Fixed-Wide Steering
Sound Cleaner Sound Cleaner Pro (5 choices) Sound Cleaner Pro (4 choices) Sound Cleaner Pro (3 choices)
Smart Gain Smart Gain Pro 7 environments Smart Gain Pro 7 environments -

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