Beltone Touch hearing aids


Hearing aids are lightweight, small electronic devices that are set within the ear canal, in the outer ear, or behind the ear. They serve to amplify sound that is transmitted to the user in a comfortable and natural way. The physical elements that make up hearing aids include microphones to gather sound, an amplifier designed to process a variety of gathered sounds, a receiver that transmits the sound signals from the amplifier to the ear, and a battery to power up the whole process. The most advanced hearing aids have a microscopic coating that is bonded to the inner circuitry and outer casing thoroughly protecting the system from daily wear and tear. The shells serve to protect the delicate inner circuitry of custom hearing aids. Shells come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors to match and fit any user’s level of hearing loss, lifestyle and cosmetic needs. 

 Beltone Touch™, one of the custom hearing aids produced by Beltone, makes good use of the anatomy of your ear to provide more natural sound quality and amplification. It has the ability to use the natural ear canal allowing an extremely brilliant design to provide a more natural sound quality and amplification. Beltone Touch™ takes full advantage of your ear’s natural contour to generate the most comfortable and pleasing listening experience. 

 Beltone Touch™ puts the hearing aid back where most hearing impaired prefers it to be – hidden in the ear. Its secret is the exciting new design that makes it smaller than ever. The Beltone Touch™ is a practically invisible hearing instrument you wear entirely in your ear. It is the smallest hearing aid that got even smaller. You can practically hide it and let it vanish in your ears. Beltone Touch™ fits comfortably in your ear that when you move, Touch™ moves with you. Whistling sounds are eliminated making you forget you are wearing an aid. It also eliminates tiring wind noise taking advantage of your ear’s natural sound paths. 

It is totally designed for discretion, with a very thin transparent tube inside your ear which is invisible to most people and rarely perceptible to a few more. Beltone Touch™ is comfortably secured in place that things like glasses, hairbrushes or even strenuous physical activity will never knock it off.Consult your hearing professional for a custom fit and programmable Beltone Touch™. You can choose a unit that best suits your hearing disability level. There is one Beltone Touch™ for almost everybody. After all, small can be for all!


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