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   Today's client is more demanding than ever, when it comes to hearing aid technology and service. With Beltone Trust, you can offer them the best hearing aid performance, no matter what environment they're in. And with groundbreaking Remote Care technology, you can provide an extra level of support that can lead to more satisfied clients. Add the new, faster and more intuitive Beltone Solus Max fitting software, and Beltone Trust helps you give your clients the world's most complete hearing care experience!

   Beltone Trust combines a wealth of advanced technology to create the best sounding hearing aid in the industry. The new CrossLink Directionality 2 helps your clients understand speech from all directions better than major competitors. Beltone Trust also has the most accurate environmental classifier on the market. That's important because, if a hearing aid can't recognize the sound environment it's in, then the automatic features created to make those listening conditions more comfortable won't work correctly.

   Beltone Remote Care is a revolutionary way to provide extra support in-between your clients' regularly scheduled appointments. After the initial in-office fitting, Beltone Remote Care allows you to fine-tune your clients' Beltone Trust hearing aids, no matter where they are. They simply send you a request through the new Beltone HearMax app and you are able to do a comprehensive fine-tuning, just as you would in the office. You can then send the new settings back to your clients to download from the app, when it fits your schedule. It's not just a few settings, either. All of the tools that the new Beltone Solus Max fitting software provides you are available through Beltone Remote Care.

   It’s a new way of providing premier hearing care for both you and your client. In addition to exceptional sound, discreet and customized design and personal control, Beltone Trust offers a groundbreaking new Remote Care feature that allows you to give your clients extra support and fine-tuning, in-between scheduled appointments, no matter where they are. Beltone Trust not only sets new standards for the industry, it effortlessly raises the level of quality care you can offer your clients. When your clients demand the best, help them get the most out of their lives. So they can hear, there or anywhere they are.

   Trust in unmatched situational awareness 

   There’s a good reason we have two ears: By integrating information from both ears, our brains are able to give us the perceptual benefits of loudness, localization, sound quality, speech clarity and listening in noise. The ability to selectively listen to particular sounds, is one of the most amazing and significant benefits of binaural hearing. The average hearing aid can’t replace that natural system without losing some situational awareness. Most hearing aids will amplify sound without taking into account the different methods our ears use to provide a complete sound picture to our brains. Without a true binaural amplification strategy, we lose our ability to truly distinguish the sound environment around us.Beltone Trust includes two groundbreaking innovations that use a unique binaural strategy to hear in this more natural way: Personal Sound ID and Crosslink Directionality 2. 

   Personal Sound ID 

   Personal Sound ID includes Cross Ear Compression to help restore the natural sound level differences between clients’ ears when a sound signal is closer to one ear than the other. It adds pinna restoration technology to mimic how the ear naturally collects and processes sound. Listeners can recognize where sounds originate, and distinguish background noise from the object of their attention, instead of enabling them to hear only what’s in front of them, as most hearing aids do. When sound is delivered this way, the brain can effortlessly carry out what no hearing instrument system can ever do. 

   Crosslink Directionality 2 

   CrossLink Directionality automatically adjusts directional microphone settings, based on different sound environments, to give your clients the most natural listening experience. It uses our body’s natural strategy, where we tilt or turn our heads to face the source of the sound we are interested in. Now, with CrossLink Directionality 2, hearing aid sensitivity patterns are optimized when one hearing aid is in omni mode and the other is in a fixed directional pattern, creating better speech recognition as well as improved localization. Research shows that this approach gives Beltone Trust wearers significantly better speech understanding than other hearing aids.    CrossLink Directionality 2 works with Personal Sound ID to provide the cues that permit listeners to focus on speech without losing the important ambient sounds, such as sirens or a baby’s cry, that complete their individual listening experience. And with less mental and physical effort required to locate and focus on the sound, listening fatigue is reduced.

   Trust in great personalized sound 

   Beltone Trust hearing aids are designed to fit seamlessly into your clients’ lifestyles. Fully adaptable, Beltone Trust adjusts to each client and their unique way of living and listening – wherever they may find themselves. Thanks to a set of the most advanced product features in the industry working together, your clients will experience a new level of hearing quality in a wider range of situations. 

   Smart Gain Pro 

   Smart Gain Pro automatically adjusts gain to changes in the sound environment for maximum comfort. By increasing or decreasing gain and background noise levels to their optimal levels, your client can confidently enter a crowded restaurant, or hear softer speech in a quiet room. No matter what the situation, they’ll hear their best. 

   Feedback Eraser with Whistlestop 

   Feedback Eraser cancels feedback with no sound quality loss, eliminating unpleasant noises and whistling when your client uses the phone, or hugs relatives. Feedback Eraser adds an average of 18dB in useable gain, giving you more flexibility with fittings that would normally produce feedback. A choice of gain settings for different situations can be conveniently selected without compromising sound quality. 

   Ear to Ear Synchronization 

   Clients can now move comfortably from quiet environments to noisy ones. Ear to Ear Synchronization does this by monitoring the client’s auditory environments, and making smooth transitions in both hearing aids from one environment to another. Coordinated ears work optimally together to improve sound classification accuracy. This is particularly beneficial in speech environments. 

   Industry-Leading Environmental Classifier 

   When it comes to hearing aid features, accuracy is key. To make many features work, most hearing aids attempt to detect certain sound environments, such as quiet, noisy and speech in noise. When done incorrectly, sound quality suffers. The most sophisticated speech enhancement feature will not work the way it is intended to when it is not aligned with the sound environment it was developed for.In a recent study, Beltone hearing aids recognized speech in noisy environments better than all major competitors. The result is that Beltone Trust wearers will have the best opportunity to hear speech when there is background noise present, the most difficult listening situation for people with hearing loss.   

   Trust in premier client support – anywhere 

   Your relationship with your client, from first encounter to ongoing support, plays a major role in their outlook and expectations. Beltone Trust is designed to make your client relations even better by providing them with a truly complete hearing experience. From smooth and accurate fitting to onthe-go adaptation and optimization, it maximizes the benefits of their new hearing solution, wherever they may find themselves. 

   Groundbreaking Beltone Remote Care™ 

  Getting information about how your clients’ adjust to real-world situations is important if they are to get the most from their hearing aids. With Beltone Trust’s revolutionary Remote Care technology, you are able to perform comprehensive fine-tunings in-between your clients’ scheduled appointments. Clients can send a request via the Beltone HearMax app and you can easily make adjustments in the new Solus Max fitting software when it fits your schedule. And it’s not just a few settings changes. The full complement of tools in Solus Max are available to you, just as if it were an in-office finetuning. Simply upload the new settings and your clients can receive them through the app, wherever they are.Remote Care also lets you enable your clients to download hearing aid firmware updates without making a trip to your office. It’s a convenient way for them to keep their Beltone Trust hearing aids up-to-date. Beltone Remote Care adds greater precision to your fittings and helps you give your clients the most personalized hearing care experience. It’s a simple and convenient process that adds an extra level of support you can’t give with other hearing aids.

   Trust in unrivaled connectivity

   Everything connects in today’s society – and many of your clients’ experiences with everyday consumer electronics have led them to expect that everything is both mobile and integrated. Beltone Trust hearing aids live up to and even exceed these expectations. Designed to connect easily with the most popular mobile devices, they offer your clients compatibility and personal control. 

   Direct audio streaming (Made for iPhone) 

   Beltone Trust’s Made for iPhone integration in eight different models, including Receiver-in-the-ear, Behind-the-ear and Custom products, allows clients to stream sound directly from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to their hearing aids without having to wear any sort of adapter around their neck. Using this robust, wireless technology, they can hear voices from phone calls, listen to their favorite music or follow the voice directions of a GPS – all through their Beltone Trust hearing aids. It’s a simple connection that acts like wireless headphones. 

   Free Beltone HearMax app for iOS and Android 

   The new Beltone HearMax app is the most advanced of its kind for hearing aid wearers. It makes controlling Beltone Trust hearing aids from a mobile device easy and discreet. There’s no need to use an intermediate device or streamer around the neck. Users can download the app and start controlling their hearing aids in a simple and intuitive way directly from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch or the most popular Android phone models. It’s as easy as checking their email on their phone. Beltone HearMax provides numerous benefits, including volume and program adjustments and powerful noise reduction, speech focus and wind noise reduction features. The app’s brand new intuitive design gives users one-tap access to all of it from the home screen. Using the innovative Remote Care technology, the Beltone HearMax app also keeps you close to your clients, no matter where they are. 

   Direct Line wireless accessories 

   Beltone keeps users conveniently connected to all of the communication and entertainment technologies they are accustomed to. One way is by Made for iPhone integration; another is with Beltone’s own proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless accessories. Beltone offers a variety of Direct Line wireless accessories for Beltone Trust hearing aids.

   Trust in discreet design 

   Today’s hearing aid wearers don’t want to be limited. Beltone Trust stands out as the hearing aid family that’s adaptable to the greatest variety of needs, giving your clients the confidence to perform and look their best, wherever life takes them. The product line includes a variety of Receiver-in-theEar, Behind-the-Ear and Custom models, so your clients will always find a discreet and comfortable option to fit their needs.  

   New and improved receivers 

   With the new SureFit™ 2 receiver tube designs for Beltone Trust Receiver-in-the-Ear models, fitting has never been easier. SureFit 2 receivers offer a better cosmetic fit to the ear as well as greater overall comfort. Their metallic surface increases durability and decreases discoloration over time. 


   Beltone Trust hearing aids are built to last. HPF80 NanoBlock coating provides maximum protection from moisture and debris. From tough outdoor activities to relaxing days indoors, your clients can rely on their Beltone Trust hearing aids, no matter where they are.


Wide Dynamic Range Compressio Rapid 17 Rapid 14 Rapid 12
CrossLink Directionality 2 with Personal Sound ID + - -
Personal Sound ID + + -
CrossLink Directionality - + -
Adaptive Directionality Adaptive, 15 null points with Smart Beam Adaptive, 9 null points with Smart Beam Adaptive, 6 null points
Band-Split Directionality Adjustable Mixing-point Frequency Adjustable Mixing-point Frequency Fixed Mixing-point Frequency
Directional Beam Width Pattern Smart Beam Steering Smart Beam Steering Fixed Wide Beam
Noise Reduction Sound Cleaner Pro (5 choices) Sound Cleaner Pro (4 choices) Sound Cleaner Pro (3 choices)
Expansion Silencer 17 channel analysis Silencer 14 channel analysis Silencer 12 channel analysis
Wind Noise Reduction 4 choices 3 choices 2 choices
Environmental Gain Steering Smart Gain Pro - 7 environments Smart Gain Pro -7 environments -
Remote Fine-Tuning + + +

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