Oticon Dual hearing aids

 Oticon ConnectLine 

  With ConnectLine solutions Dual users can finally talk on the phone, watch TV and listen to music with just as much ease as everyone else. ConnectLine delivers improved performance in terms of speech intelligibility and sound quality since sounds are streamed directly to the Dual instruments via the user friendly Oticon Streamer.

   Dual Benefits 

   Dual captures a wider range of sounds than any other traditional devices on the market - particularly in the high frequencies. Speech will sound clearer and music far richer. You’ll also have a much better idea of where you are in relation to people and objects in your environment. 

   With Spatial Sound you can

   It’s not about being old - it’s about being smartOticon ConnectLine helps you make the most of today’s technologies. A smart optional device, called the Streamer, picks up the sound from your mobile phone, landline phone, TV or mp3 player, and sends it straight into both ears.

   With ConnectLine solutions you can

communicate with ease on your mobile phone 

watch TV at a level the whole family can enjoy 

switch from listening to music to answering a phone call 

remote control volume and programs 

   There is a Dual just for you 

   From size and colour to performance, accessories and settings, a pair of Duals can be completely customized to fit your personal preferences and level of experience with hearing devices. Among the benefits are: 

   a great design that’s almost invisible behind the ear 

   lots of trendy colours to match your hair or skin tone 

   The RITE Style 

   Rather than putting the speaker in the hearing aid, Oticon Dual places it snugly in your ear. The "Receiver-in-the-Ear” concept makes Oticon Dual look virtually invisible - and sound exceptionally clear. The speaker is built into either a soft dome or micro-mould. Where style choices are concerned, there are two types of Oticon Dual, four different styles – and a multitude of colours.


Clinic Echo sells hearing aids at southern Israel - from Ashdod to Arad. For the people that make it difficult to come to our clinic, we offer all services on-site - working or living.


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