Oticon Hit hearing aids

   Get back in the game 

   When you have a hearing loss, everyday life is full of challenges. Your TV or radio might be difficult to hear, and you might not hear your door bell ringing or someone talking to you from another room. With Oticon Hit, everyday situations become more manageable. You’ll no longer have to turn the TV up to a level that annoys your companions. And talking on the phone will be enjoyable again. The digital technology inside Oticon Hit will make your world sound clear and bright. It makes speech stand out from background noise, so you’ll find it easier to focus on what people are saying.

   Wide selection of styles

   Oticon Hit comes in a wide selection of styles and options, making it easy to match your unique needs whether your hearing loss is mild or severe.   

   A better deal Oticon Hit is designed for cost conscious people who are looking for a safe and easy solution. Based on proven features Hit offers your hearing a better deal. 

   Clear and comfortable sound 

   Better speech understanding

   Less background noise

   Hit’s trump card Hit is so comfortable that you hardly notice you are wearing them. And with long battery life and a discreet yet robust design, Hit is both easy to adjust to and easy to live with.

   So wherever you go, you can relax and be yourself

   Benefits of wearing Oticon Hit

   Oticon Hit is ideal for people who want to get more out of everyday situations. Suitable for all kinds of hearing loss - from mild to profound - Hit is extremely easy to use.

   With Hit you can 

   Enjoy a richer, more detailed sound picture 

   Have an easier time talking on the phone 

  Get more out of watching the TV 

With Hit you can rely on 

   Optimal wearing comfort 

   Discreet, yet robust design 

   Easy to use and maintain 

   Long battery life 

   Features Of The Oticon Hit Pro Hearing Aid 

   Automatic Decision Making: This technology automatically determines the best hearing settings to apply in a given listening environment, allowing users to move between different listening situations without having to make any manual adjustments to his or her listening device. 

   Adaptive Directionality: This feature can help deliver enhanced hearing in a variety of situations, even noisy sound environments. This feature can help users focus on voices, while it eliminates other unwanted background noise in the user’s environment. This can help make in-noise conversations a much easier task. 

   Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 2: This technology eliminates the annoying whistling that can sometimes occur while on the phone or while making volume adjustments. Without this feedback, users can make much more enjoyable phone calls to his or her friends and family, without the embarrassment of a whistling hearing aid. 

   Noise Management: This noise-cancelling technology can help make spending time in noisy environments more pleasant. With background noise reduced, situations like driving in a car, eating in a crowded restaurant, or being in large crowds, can be more thoroughly enjoyed by the Hit wearer. 

   Automatic Adaptation Manager: This feature allows the user’s Hit hearing aid to gradually and automatically increase its gain over time, increasing its flexibility. 

   AutoPhone: This feature automatically determines when the user is on the phone, and adjusts the hearing aid’s settings accordingly, allowing for the best listening possible. 

   Front Focus: This feature allows users to more easily determine if a sound comes from behind the user, or in front of them. With some hearing devices, this ability can be diminished, or lost completely, but with the Hit hearing aids, sound location is much easier.  Wind Noise Protection: This feature can help users enjoy their time spent outdoors more, as it reduces the sound of wind in the user’s ear that can become loud, cumbersome, and exhausting. 

   4 User Programs: With four programs to choose from, the Hit hearing aids provide users with the ability to choose the hearing aid settings that are best for his or her current sound environment. 

   FM Compatibility: The Hit Pro hearing aids are compatible with Oticon’s FM solutions that can help deliver enhanced hearing to users in a variety of situations. The user’s Hit Pro hearing aids can receive FM signals from the company’s FM transmission products, including the Amigo.

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