Oticon Sumo DM  Power where it’s needed – in the low frequencies

   Many people with severe or profound hearing loss can only hear low-frequency sounds, so that’s where Sumo provides more power. And the consistently high output is retained while battery life is preserved. The advanced digital processing ensures that even with the extra power, voices – including your own – never sound distorted or uncomfortable. As a Super Power user you require consistently high output, but you also need a battery that lasts. With Oticon Sumo, you can have both. Unlike other hearing aids, whose output fades quickly, Sumo’s battery management system minimises the drain on the battery. So you get more consistent output for longer.

   More power. Less space. In the past, the term Super Power was associated with large, rather inelegant hearing aids. But today, Sumo’s unique engineering and design packs more power into less space. Sumo users really appreciate the comfort of a smaller, narrower and lighter design. Contact Eco Clynic hearing care professional to learn more about how Sumo can put more power into your hearing.

   Oticon Sumo DM is a digital Ultra Power BTE instrument with 140 dB SPL MPO and 82 dB peak gain (2cc coupler), specifically designed for people with severe-to-profound hearing losses. 

   Recognizing the diversity of this group of users, Sumo DM offers a high degree of fitting flexibility and the ability to create a personalized sound strategy for each individual client. Sumo DM has a unique ability to maximize audibility and sound comfort for your most challenging clients. Sumo DM constantly adapts to changing sound conditions to offer a superior listening experience.

   Sumo DM offers the following features: 

   Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 

   Feedback elimination with no gain reduction using precise digital phase cancellation.

   TriState Noise Management 

   Combining the advanced VoiceFinder technology with an 8-channel, modulation-based noise reduction system, it preserves the speech cuesand provides an excellent balance between audibility and listening comfort, in both noisy and quiet environments.

   High Resolution Fitting 

   Eight individual compression channels for precise frequency shaping, and separate gain and MPO adjustments for three different input levels – soft, speech and loud – in each channel.

   Sumo DM Identities 

   Four Identities offering unique sound processing strategies (NL and Lin) to match each client’s needs and preferences - enabling easy selection of optimal starting point for a fitting.

   Feature overview 

❍ MPO:140 dB SPL/Peak gain:82 dB 

❍ Frequency range 100-5000 Hz

❍ Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 

❍ Feedback Management System 

❍ TriState Noise Management 

❍ High resolution fitting, 8 channelsand 3 input levels gain adjustments 

❍ Four Identities for efficient fittingbased on DSEsp 

❍ DSL v5.0, DSL i/o (Lin), NAL-RP andPOGOII+BC rationales 

❍ User-operated Volume Controlwheel with clear markings, endstop and integrated OFF function 

❍ Beep at preferred volume level 

❍ Fully programmable 3-positionswitch with clear markings 

❍ Up to three customizable programs 

❍ Audible program indicators (beeps) 

❍ Visual status indicator (LED) 

❍ Undamped sound hook 

❍ Programmable Telecoil 

❍ FM/DAI compatible 

❍ IP58 dust and water resistance

❍ Battery life   370 hours


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