Oticon Tego hearing aids

   Oticon Tego is a mid-market hearing instrument,with many advanced digital features. With Tego however, the benefits of these technologies are more fully realised through DecisionMaker, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure that the features are used at the right time and in the right combination for each situation. The user does not need to adjust anything, or be concerned whether their instrument is correctly set. DecisionMaker simply takes care of it for them – intelligently and automatically.

   DecisionMaker™ DecisionMaker orchestrates the directionality and noise management systems in Tego. Using AI processing techniques, DecisionMaker ensures the instrument is always correctly set, providing the best comfort and speech understanding in noise. Further more, DecisionMaker interleaves WideDynamic Range Compression and Dynamic Feedback Cancellation to present the wearer with a correct sound picture - each and every second. Articial Intelligence allows multiple scenarios (instrument setting options) to be evaluated instantaneously and simultaneously through parallel processing. Then, outcome-based decisions are made that give the greatest user benefit. This is a fundamentally different approach from conventional prediction-based systems. For example – an AI-based decision ismade about whether the clearest speech would be provided in VoiceDirector Surround mode. Then, using Automatic Directionality, DecisionMaker switches seamlessly from one mode to another, based on the outcome that will provide the clearest speech in aparticular situation.

   VoiceDirect™  VoiceDirect is a new directionality system that extracts speech from noise. It applies directionality where speech information is most present – i.e. in thehigh frequencies. In these frequencies Noise Management is carefully applied to further reduce noise. Lower frequencies remain omni-directional to maintainthe loudness of speech, whilst allowing strong noise reduction to be used. This does not unduly affect speech understanding. Thus a superior speech understanding AND a comfortable listening experience is produced. In thisway VoiceDirect eliminates many of the drawbacks associated with conventional directional systems. 

   Directionality  All Tego styles (except CIC/MIC) feature advanced directionality capabilities.In addition to VoiceDirect, Tego features Automatic Directionality which intelligently switches between VoiceDirect and Surround modes. Also, Full Directionality can be set as a separate program.

   Noise Management (Directional Dependant)  Tego deploys multi-band, modulation based noise reduction. By working together with VoiceDirect, under contro lof DecisionMaker, Noise Management is applied differently in the various instrument modes. Hereby the comfort and the perception of speech by the wearer is greatly improved. 

   Identities  Tego uses the concept of Identities to make the thing process fast and accurate. An Active, Gradual or Dynamic Identity can be selected, which personalises the settings of the Decison Makerfor the client. 

   OpenEar Acoustics™  OpenEar Acoustics combines substantially larger vents with DynamicFeedback Cancellation to provide clear, natural sound quality, and virtually eliminates occlusion and feedback.

   User Benefits 

❍ Intelligent and automatic in all listening situations, yet with manual override if required 

❍ Excellent sound clarity, minimum noise 

❍ Minimum occlusion 

❍ Minimum feedback 

❍ Cosmetically attractive solutions

   Standard Features 

❍ DecisionMaker™ - general program enabled by Arti cial Intelligence 

❍ Identities 

❍ Directionality (except CIC/MIC) 

❍ Automatic Directionality 

❍ VoiceDirect™ – Speech focuse ddirectionality 

❍ Surround Mode 

❍ Noise Management 

❍ OpenEar Acoustics™ 

❍ Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 

❍ Many options and programs for phone use 

❍ Up to three customiz able programs

❍ Program sound indicators (beeps) 

❍ Standby function 

❍ On-set delay 

   Custom Instruments 

❍ Design optimised for size and cosmetics 

❍ Colours: beige, light brown, medium brown, dark brown 

❍ Selection of three wax protection systems:- NoWax- MicroWaxBuster- WaxBuster

   Options and accessories include: 

❍ Auto Phone - automatic shift to one oftwo types of dedicated program: 

- Phone Programs 

- Telecoil Telephone Program 

❍ Fully programmable telecoil 

❍ Volume Control with audible indication

                               OTICON PRODUCT INFORMATION 


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