Widex hearing aids already give you the best sound. Now they also give you the best ways of staying connected to the world around you.

 The new WIDEX BEYOND™ is the world’s best sounding made-for-iPhone hearing aid. And with multiple ways of connecting through Bluetooth, DEX communication devices and Telecoils, your world never sounded so good.

 The BEYOND App also works if you have an Android phone.



   Little wonder that hearing users have already rated BEYOND significantly better than similar solutions.

   HEAR THE FULL PICTURE  It couldn’t be easier to make the BEYOND app your own.

 Take or select your own photos to help you know which program you are using. Or add your location, such as your favorite restaurant – and BEYOND will remember the exact settings for you next visit, giving you a personal good sound experience.


   Widex have also introduced a smartphone app with the Beyond which is currently available on ios and will soon be available on Android. The Beyond app seems to have the usual features that are available with Made For iPhone devices generally, you can set geo locations for different sound programmes and make changes to how the hearing aids are working on the go. However, there also seems to be an element of self fine tuning on the app, whereby users can actually change the frequency response of the hearing aids. This feature is calling the Preference Control and it seems to break down frequencies into three bands, Bass, Middle and Treble. It means that you can have some control over how the hearing aid actually works as you change the sound settings. Controlling your BEYOND hearing aid is more simple than ever – and changing the volume and muting are just a swipe away. BEYOND also has outstanding battery life, giving you connected hearing for less power. And rest assured - with the battery status always clearly visible, you’re never in for any nasty surprises while out and about.


   BEYOND is the only hearing aid available to offer you more than one way of keeping connected. With TRI-LINK™ technology, the possibilities are infinite. You’re not just connected to your iPhone, but also telecoils and to phones, television and more with the DEX range of communication solutions. So you can stay connected no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

   The Beyond is the very latest addition to the Widex Line up, it is also their first ever Made For iPhone hearing aid. It is a slightly changed Fusion device based on the Unique technology, and it has three different radios onboard, the one for Widex Link, a telecoil and the new radio for direct iPhone connection making it possible to stream music and conduct phone calls directly to the hearing aid without any intermediary device. Widex Products are famous for their sound quality, now it appears that sound quality extends to the best sound Made for iPhone.

   Beyond 440 Hearing Aids 

   The Beyond 440 is the top of the range Made For iPhone hearing aids. The Beyond is based on the Unique hearing aid technology so it delivers outstanding sound quality and performance in everyday use. The reports are pretty impressive, even rival manufacturers say that the streamed sound quality from Apple devices is the best in the business. However, reviews are good but mixed. The main sticking point seems to be problems with the connection between the aids and some Apple devices. The Beyond is the very latest addition to the Widex Line up, it is their first ever Made For iPhone hearing aid. The device is slightly longer than the original Fusion but it is thinner, it also has a new button.

   The Beyond 440 uses Widex's new U-platform chip which processes sounds across 15 channels. 15 channels is typical of all Widex top of the range aids. What is different for Widex though is the use of "Sound Class Technology", the hearing aid classifies what kind of sound environment you are currently in out of a choice of nine possible environments that are programmed in. It then adjusts the sound accordingly to maximise your ability to hear speech sounds clearly. The 440 has the most channels in the range and also has a "High Frequency Boost" feature that isn't available in the lower models to give additional clarity when needed.

   IE technology allows both hearing aids to act as one system through the instantaneous wireless exchange of information. Widex uses this technology in order that the hearing aids can act as a true pair. The two hearing aids can synchronise their noise reduction, compression, and directionality settings, which allows them to not only enhance their effectiveness, but to also deliver a more natural hearing experience to you.The preservation of these natural differences helps to provide you with a much better spatial awareness of sound. The IE technology also ensures the synchronization of volume adjustments and program changes between the two aids. In the 440 it can even be used to sound an alarm when the wireless connection is lost between the two hearing aids (Partner Monitor). The aids can automatically detect and adapt in 9 different listening environments and focus on the most dominant speech signal detected in the environment. 

   Widex claims that it's new wind noise attenuation feature is an industry leading wind noise reduction feature. Widex don't make claims very lightly, so we would be of the opinion that if they say it, it is true. The Beyond 440 can attenuate more wind noise than any other hearing aid out there, no matter the direction the wind is coming from, even from directly ahead. However this new feature is only available on the 440 models. All manufacturers have good background noise reduction features as standard these days. However, Widex have introduced a new feature that has extra emphasis on reducing softer, low level background noise that may be annoying. Widex have always put great emphasis on soft sound inputs because they believe that soft sounds in speech are very important for understanding. However, there are soft input sounds that you just don't want to or need to hear, like a computer fan or the noise of a fridge. 

   Nearly all modern Widex aids have the option to use Zen tones, Zen is a proprietary feature belonged to Widex that will help to reduce the effects of tinnitus. For tinnitus sufferers these predictable yet non-repetitive sounds are used in combination with counselling and relaxation techniques to deliver tinnitus relief as a part of a tinnitus management programme.



   Widex Beyond 440 Features 

U Platform

Wind Noise Attenuation: Only available on the 440 level 

High-Frequency Boost: Only available on the 440 level 

Wind noise controlSound class technology: 9 interear automatic situations 

Processing channels: 15 channels 

High Definition Locator (Automatic Adaptive Directionality): in 15 channels 

Speech Enhancer: Real time interear

Digital Pinna


TruSound Softener

Preference Control

Reverse focus program

FreeFocus (via COM-DEX app)

Multi-directional Active Feedback Cancelling: Interear 


Variable Speed Compression

True-Input Technology

Soft Level Noise Reduction

Audibility Extender

Hammer Detector



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