Widex Inteo hearing aids.

Digital Power BTE withIntegrated signal processing™and Dynamic Integrator™

   Inteo is the firsthearing aid on themarket to introduceIntegrated signalprocessing™.

   Inteo IN-19 with unique features including:Dynamic Integrator™ 

• Integration and storage of knowledgeHigh definition sound analysis 

• Sound Diary 

• Speech and noise tracer 

• S/N ratio tracer 

• Spatial feedback tracer 

• Spatial sound tracerHigh definition sound processing• High definition Locator 

• Multi-directional active feedback cancelling 

• Audibility Extender 

• Speech Enhancer 

• Enhanced Dynamic Range CompressionHigh definition system optimiser 

• Battery monitor 

• EcoTech II 

• Multi-point microphone matching 

• DAI auto-detect 


Sampling frequency 2 MHz 

Complexity (Gates) 1 million 

IC technology 0.13µ


          Inteo consumer brochure

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