Widex Mind the pleasure of hearing

   Widex proudly introduces mind 440 – a hearing aid of the highest quality.  

   Widex hearing aids are renowned for their exceptional sound. With the mind™440 series, exceptional sound has just got even better –with even better technology and even better features. Zen – a revolutionary harmonic sound program– aims to help in relaxation and help give you peace of mind. What’s more, to help you take the guess workout of controlling hearing aid functions, we have created the innovative SmartSpeak

   This verbal messaging feature talks you through such functions as low battery power and program mode. And at the heart of mind 440 is, of course, the exceptional Widex sound you expect. With its exceptional sound and features aiming to give peace of mind, mind 440 adds up to the pleasure of hearing.

   More features, more sound 

   Widex hearing aids are world renowned forthe quality of their sound. With the mind 440 series, we have made significant improvements to help make your listening experience truly exceptional. 

   Firstly, we have upgraded our famous sound technology to create what we call Dual ISP. Before sound reaches your ears, all information about you and your immediate listening situation is gathered and assessed. According to your hearing needs and preferences, soundis then processed to ensure the best possible quality. And wherever you are, whatever environment you are in, Dual ISP allows mind 440 to adjust accordingly. 

   Our goal in developing Dual ISP has been to give you not just more sound, but more benefits and features: 

•  Hearing speech from behind is as importantas hearing speech from in front of you. The adaptive microphone system in mind440 can alter its sensitivity depending on the direction of the speech signal. 

•  High pitched sounds, such as bird song or a piccolo flute in an orchestra, are often the first to disappear with high frequency hearing loss. However the Audibility Extender shifts such sounds automatically down into your audible range. 

•  Understanding speech in noisy environments has always been one of the biggest challenges, particularly determining what is speech and what is noise. The Speech Enhancer deciphers noise and speech based on statistical analysis and uses your hearing loss as a guideline in the effort to lessen noise.

 •  You should be able to wear your hearing aid without any discomfort. Acoustic feedback is one of the classic causes of discomfort innormal hearing aid use. With the Multidirectional active feedback cancelling system, acoustic feedbackis minimised due to the active signal processing.

   Secondly, mind 440 is the first Widex hearing aid to feature the TruSound compression system. The Widex philosophy is that soft sounds (such as dripping water) must be audible butremain soft in character; normal speech (suchas face-to-face conversation) must be audibleand intelligible; and loud sounds (such as a crowd) should be heard but not uncomfort able to listen to. TruSound aims to ensure that changing between such sound environments is made as smooth and fast as possible. 

   This aims to give you sounds that are not only more detailed, but are natural and clear.

   Zen program 

  Peace of mind 440 truly has you in mind. Widex wishes to make it easy and less stressful for you to use a hearing aid. 

  That’s why we have created the revolutionary Zen, a relaxation and tone program, mind440is the first hearing aid ever to feature such a program. The Zen program plays random, harmonic tones that you can listen to at your leisure. If, for example, you want to relax, then simply switch on Zen to hear soothing tone sand chimes. Wherever, whenever.

   Peace of mind 

•  You have up to five different choices of Zen styles 

•  You can tailor Zen styles music program swith your hearing care professional to suit your individual needs 

•  Tempo, volume and pitch can be adjustedby your hearing care professional, giving


   Smart mind.  The many features and programs of mind 440 are designed to make your listening experience the best possible. However, it can oftenbe difficult remembering how to change settings or programs. With SmartSpeak, we take the guesswork out of controlling your hearing aid. SmartSpeak uses actual recorded speech to tell you of mind 440 functions. For example, when your battery is running low, SmartSpeak will warn you. And if you switch to the Zen program, SmartSpeak will tell you. 

   These clear, verbal messages come in a wide variety of languages, making it much easier for you to adjust programs and settings. 

•  Easy to use, simple to hear 

•  A wide variety of languages can be programmed by your hearing care professional 

•  If you want, mind 440 can be set to produce tones instead

   Fitting features 

   Widex has always understood the importance of a successful and precise fitting and we help your hearing care professional to help you. A professional and efficient fitting lets you make the most of your hearing aid and means you can fully enjoy exceptional sound the way you desire.

   With mind 440 we have further improved our fitting procedures. A new and improved versionof our logging function aims to make it easier for your hearing care professional to help fine tune your hearing aid. And with our unique Sensogram fitting method, you are provided with the foundation for a better individual fitting. After all, a better fitting means you get more out of mind 440, giving you more peace of mind.


   Sensogram is unique to Widex. It is a method by which the hearing aid is adjusted when placed in your ear. Sensogram offers a unique opportunity to individualise your hearing aid to your ear and your hearing loss. Which means you have the perfect basis for a successful fitting.

   Sound Diary ll 

   It can often be difficult to accurately describe exactly what your hearing aid is doing and the way you are using it. Sound Diary II is a new and improved logging function that stores information about the listening environments you experience during use, the programs you use and other functions. This gives your hearing care professional a clear understanding of how you are actually using mind440 and en ables them to make adjustments accordingly.