Widex Passion hearing aids.

   Smallest RIC withDual ISP

   Passion440 PA-440

   Passion440 is the first hearing aid on the marketto introduce Dual Integrated Signalling Processingcombined with RIC.Minimal to severe hearing losses.

   Passion RIC features 

• 10 kHz bandwidth 

• Stable Sound Delivery 

• Sound Harmony 

• Closed, vented and open fittings 

• Instant and Custom receiver ear-tips 

   Dual Integrated Signal Processing 

• Dual layer integration of knowledge and performance 

• Dynamic IntegratorTM 

• Listening layer 

• Awareness layer 

• 15 frequency bands 

• 15 compression channels 

   Main listening features 

• HD LocatorTM• Audibility ExtenderTM 

• Multidirectional Active Feedback Cancelling 

• Speech EnhancerTM 

• TruSoundTM compression system with EDRC 

Main awareness features 

 Fractal generator 

• Fractal computation 

• Melody composition 

   Signal integrity 

• High definition program handling 

   Speech and sound synthesis 

• SmartSpeakTM generator 

• SmartTone generatorHearing aid characteristics 

• Optional remote control


            Passion consumer brochure

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