Oticon Get hearing aid

   Oticon Get is a family of hearing instruments that lets you provide easy hearing loss compensation for cost conscious users. Get is the entry to hearing care yet delivering on core audiology concepts like listening comfort and intelligibility. Get offers stylish standard and power BTEs as well as a full range of custom devices. The family covers hearing losses from mild to severe-to-profound.

   Open Ear Acoustics    

   Get supports open fittings using thin tubes - Corda2 - and soft domes. The a esthetics of the Corda2 solution combined with the effective elimination of the occlusion effect provide a discreet and comfortable listening experience


   The choice of Surround, Split or FullDirectionality lets you customise the attenuation of background noise to individual needs. With multiple programs, the most beneficial directionality mode can be configured for each listening situation.

   Noise management 

   The noise management system uses a speech-weighted approach to primarily reduce noise in frequency bands that carry less speech information.

   Main features 

❍ Fitting bandwidth 6.5 kHz 

❍ Open Ear Acoustics 

❍ Corda₂ Thin Tube and hook versions 

❍ Nano-coated BTEs 

❍ Directionality: Surround, Split Dir and Full Dir (manual) 

❍ Noise Management (modulation) 

❍ Dynamic Feedback Cancellation DFC2

❍ 4 user programs 

❍ Telecoil, DAI & FM options 

Fitting flexibility 

❍ NAL-NL1, NAL-NL2, DSL v5.0a m[i/o] 

❍ 4 fitting bands 

❍ Adaptation Manager (manual)  

❍ In-situ Audiometry




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