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   Hearing aids provide those who have been without sound a chance to hear again and it is important that if you are investing in a hearing aid you get the one that will be right for you. The only way to know if a hearing aid is right for you is to do research and study each style of hearing aid. This article will provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of in-the-canal hearing aids.

   ITC hearing aids are similar to completely-in-the-canal hearing aids as they fit directly into your ear canal. This is good as they are discreet and virtually invisible but can also lead to problems with feedback because of the closeness between the microphone and the receiver. Their size is slightly larger than CIC hearing aids but smaller than in-the-ear hearing aids.

   You can receive an ITC hearing aid that is programmable, digital, or conventional.


   The major advantage to ITC hearing aids is obviously the fact that it is cosmetically appealing because of its small size. ITC hearing aids are virtually invisible to an observer. Many people who have hearing aids do not want people to know, so these hearing aids are a good way to go. You can also further hide the fact you have one with different color options to match your skin tone.

   Also, you receive natural sound reception because the microphone is placed inside the ear canal. This provides you with the most natural sound of any hearing aid. You will be hearing things like you did before needing a hearing aid.


   As a child you will be unable to get an ITC hearing aid because children's ears grow constantly which makes fitting hard. You are also only able to get an ITC hearing aid if you have mild to moderately sever hearing loss. Another major disadvantage for elderly people is these hearing aids have a small battery,so if you have arthritis it will be hard to change the battery.

   Volume is another problem with ITC hearing aids. First, if you have a volume control on your hearing aid it is small and difficult to adjust. Also, the microphone and receiver are very close which leads to possible feedback. Finally, because the hearing aid is in your ear there is a high chance of earwax ormoisture damage.

   In-the-ear hearing aids have their advantages and their disadvantages and the decision of if they are right for you come down to an individual choice. The only thing you have left to ask yourself is if ITC hearing aids are right for you.

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