ITE / In-the-ear

   In The Ear hearing aids consist of a tiny earpiece of various different shapes that fits inside the ear; it has no tube to connect the microphone to the hearing aid.

   They have the advantage that they are less invasive in the sense that they cannot be seen, but the disadvantage with them is that they tend to need more care and maintenance. People who are physically active find them more useful than the behind the ear models. They are easier to place in the ear and easier to remove than the BTE type, and they can be more easily controlled. They can cover all types of hearing loss except profound hearing loss, and the smaller models are not the best option for those that have dexterity issues.

   Some patients report that they can hear the wind more than with the BTE type of hearing aid, whilst others say that if you persevere to fit them correctly there is no difference.

   ITE (in-the-ear) hearing aids can be used for a wide range of hearing losses. Due to their size, ITE hearing aidsallow for larger sound amplifiers and more features such as a telephone switch. They are also much easier to handle. This type of hearing aid fills the outer ear. The hearing aid case is custom made out of a hard plastic material. As shown, the hearing aid case houses all of the miniaturized hearing aid parts.The ITE style is available with programmable, digital, and conventional technology.


   The ITE aid fills the entire ear. 

 *ITE hearing aids are used for a wide range of hearing losses. 

*An ITE aid can hold a larger sound amplifier and more features than a canal hearing aid (i.e. directional microphone). 

* An ITE aid is easier to handle and adjust.


* ITE aids are rarely prescribed for children due to their continuously growing ear canals. 

 *Feedback is possible due to closeness of the microphone and the receiver. 

 *The small size of the battery door and volume control may be difficult to adjust.

 *ITE hearing aids are in the ear, but they can be more easily seen by an observer. 

 *ITE aids can be damaged by earwax and drainage.

Clinic Echo sells hearing aids at southern Israel - from Ashdod to Arad. For the people that make it difficult to come to our clinic, we offer all services on-site - working or living.


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