OTE / On-the-ear

   On the Ear (OTE) hearing aid is lightweight with a micro-tube and tiny earbud for ultimate discretion. Appropriate for mild to moderately-high frequency hearing loss. Open fit hearing aids are extremely small and nearly invisible to an observer. They work via a clear tube that comes from behind the ear and rests in the ear canal. However, unlike with standard hearing aids, there is no earmold to occlude the ear canal when open fit hearing aids are worn – the clear tube is extremely thin and leaves the canal open. Open fit hearing aids are also lightweight – many users find that after a few minutes of wearing them, they cannot feel them at all.

   This style is the newest addition to hearing aid models. It is a tiny device that sits right on top of the ear, similar to a BTE style. However, the OTE style is much more compact and lightweight. On The Ear hearing aids are typically fit with a standard silicone dome or sleeve. The "open fit" describes the fact that the ear canal is not filled with or occluded by a full earpiece. The result is a very natural sound quality. This style is especially good for mild and/or high frequency hearing losses. 

Clinic Echo sells hearing aids at southern Israel - from Ashdod to Arad. For the people that make it difficult to come to our clinic, we offer all services on-site - working or living.


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